Imam, I thank Allah for blessing you to be where you are at this time. A glimpse of our leader and teacher's mind is coming out from you stronger than I've seen. I felt a special presence in the language as your commentary was based in your student relationship with the logic of Imam WDM coming across very clear as well as your understanding of the revelation. I want to thank you and may Allah continue to bless you and all of us.

Thank You, Peace,
Asmar (California)

Wow!, This is excellent, thank Allah SWT. Allah SWT is blessing us via you. In these times especially, this information is priceless. I can see myself taking a year to digest all this information, however long it takes; if that is Allah's will for me then I have to accept that. My point is that this is too important to rush through. Thank you sooo much for taking the time to follow your heart and Allah's SWT guidance to share this with us. May Allah SWT continue to bless you, your family and us.

Janice (New Jersey)


Thank you my brother, and thank Allah for you! The logic of your analysis is profound and has established some very necessary and forward looking ideas and ideals for our "shared freedom space."

Dr. El-Amin (Georgia)

ASA, Imam Faheem first and foremost I would like to thank you for your scholarship and leadership. As a student of Imam W. D. Mohammed you, as always, inspire our community. My Allah continue to bless you.

Rasul (Maryland)

"ASA Imam..I've listened to "Don't Be a Dropout" and it has truly open up my eyes. Thank you and may Allah continue to bless you and your family."

Sakinah (Minnesota)

"ASA, Brother Faheem

Maalik and I were listening to one of your Kutbah's that was done at Sister Clara Muhummad School last year. You have been blessed my brother with great discernment and perception. May Allah (s.w.a.) continue to protect our Muslim communities.

Ummil (Pennsylvania)

"I can think of none better to give that address. Masha'Allah. You give em that Mau'idha-tul Hassana big brother. You're one of the realest ambassadors our generation of Muslims has."

Ali Newman (Muslim Lyricist; Hip-Hop Artist)