How Long Will A Trolling Motor Run On A Battery?

Trolling motors are essential and boon to the anglers. When the trolling motor is working effectively, it will allow the anglers move stealthy and avoid fish-spooking while looking for the best position for their catch.

If you are a dedicated angler, you need to have the high efficient boat and trolling motor that will assure you that you will have a good catch anytime. However, if you want the trolling motor to have high performance, then having the correct battery is vital. Besides, if you have a good battery, it will also not let you be stranded in the water while having a good fishing expedition.

The battery will give the trolling motor enough power. For some anglers, the battery life is an essential detail they consider. The various types of battery available at the store and read trolling motor battery reviews online. The reason is that sometimes, they will leave the boats on storage, especially off-season and forget that even during storage, the battery is losing charge.

If it is time to go back to the water again, the surprise gets them after realizing that trolling motor will not work. Sometime, there is a worse condition where the trolling motor will die while fishing in the water as they expect to have a good catch.

Here are some facts about the trolling motor and battery requirement:

A fishing boat will usually have two motors; the main motor that help in starting and electric motor known as trolling motor that helps to move the boat quietly without spooking fish in the water. In a boat, a trolling motor could be said to be the essential equipment an angler needs to have in his boat.

A trolling motor is not like the starting motor because its power will be measured with pounds of thrust called horsepower. In case you need a powerful trolling motor, then you choose one having a highest pound of thrust.

The trolling motors in the market will have 12V, 24V, or 36V format. The one with higher voltage means that it has a large electric motor and also more power at its blades. For example, a trolling having 36 volts with 100 pounds of thrust, it means that it is more powerful compared to the 12-volt with 40 pounds.

For a 12-volt, it will be operated by using a battery with 12-volt. Moreover, you can run a trolling motor having 24 volts with two types of 12-volt batteries. So, the trolling motor requiring 36 volts will, therefore, need three of the 12-volt batteries.

Information About Trolling Motor Batteries

It is electricity that will run the trolling motor. For one to achieve electricity, it has to come from the battery. For the dedicated anglers, they will buy a high quality trolling motor battery at high cos. They know the bad experience they can get when the batteries lack enough power while fishing.

For a reserve capacity rating, it means the length of time that the battery can haul the specific load before draining. If the battery will be having high RC rating, it means that it has the capacity to provide power for the trolling motor or other boat accessories.